Registry Monitor

Recently, I needed the ability to monitor a registry key to see when it was changed by some external software and I wrote a utility to make this possible as seen above.  However, as I was working on this I got carried away and I added support to search and edit the registry as well as I find it annoying that RegEdit does not show all occurrences of a search value but only one at the time.

Below is a link to download a ZIP file with the 64 bit executable; simply extract the files to a convenient location and execute RegEdit.exe. Click the Help menu item for instructions on how to use it. There is no 32 bit version as it appears that the WIN32 registry DLL has some anomalies in it. Although it may be due to a problem running a 32 bit app on a 64 bit version of Windows but I do not have a 32 bit version of windows anymore to test this so therefore there is only a 64 bit version.

Note that this is still a work in progress and this should be considered an Alpha test version and will likely have some minor bugs in it since I pretty much just keyed in the code and have not yet had as much time to test all the features as I would like.  I may also make some changes to it in future as time permits. If any bugs are found, you have a comment, or would like to work on the source code, I welcome your input and you can email me at

You can you can download Registry Monitor here: Download Registry Monitor  It assumes the .NET 4.0 framework is installed already, if not click the link to the left and install it first..