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I currently reside in Boise, Idaho, USA since 2000. but I was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (South Holland) so I found some old pictures of Holland from about a century ago that I put in the slider above.  Pretty dorky I know but I wanted to try out the slider so what can I say? I also lived in Australia for nearly 20 years so I consider myself a multi-national.

Since Boise is a small city with limited employment opportunities, I mostly work as a Consultant, usually as a Software Developer or Software Engineer but at times I will also work as a Software Architect or as an Enterprise Architect.   When the opportunity arises I like to be employed on a team to develop quality applications rather than short term contracts where one cannot take ownership of projects.

I am always working on some software project and this website is a part of this as a platform to experiment with ASP.NET / MVC / Silverlight/REST/JavaScript/JQuery etc. The reason I always have some projects going is that the software industry seems to re-invent itself every 18 months or so when a new fad or technology turns up and becomes popular.  This means you have to retrain yourself or you get left behind; therefore, I will inevitably try out anything new to see what it is about and if it is in fact useful.  More often than not, I find I have been doing something similar for years, but now there is a new name for it or it has become “cool”.  It is just how the business works, I guess at least one does not get bored doing the same things. 


As I am working, occasionally I need a utility application to do something specific or I may create a framework or library that may be useful to others.  You will find these on the  Downloads page.  I tend to add content when time permits and content becomes available.

Latest News

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Linux Distros
Every so now and then, I install and test some of the latest Linux Distros to see how they are progressing...

Career History and Rant about my experiences in the software industry.
The Career page has my memoirs about my career history having been involved in hardware and software development for some three decades.

Built a new PC which I do every few years.
The Blog page has my experiences building a new PC recently.